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"I, too" is Living Paper's sung tribute to iconic American poet Langston Hughes.    Hughes' far-reaching imagination and vibrant, incisive style drew the blueprint for modern African-American literature.  His poems depict American characters and voices with verve, charm, and simplicity.  They address this country's continuing racial struggles with an unflinching eye and a fearless mind.


Hughes' poetry is closely linked with music; he embraced jazz and blues forms, creating fresh new approaches to American poetry grounded in African-American tradition.  The results have appealed to composers from Hughes' own generation to the present.   "I, too" features musical settings by Margaret Bonds, Hall Johnson, Florence B. Price, Ricky Ian Gordon, John Stone, John Musto, Robert Owens, and Rosephanye Powell, among others.


The music is paired with original stories, poems, and insights by poet and Langston Hughes scholar Philip Bryant as well as recordings of Hughes reading his own poems.


The entire performance takes place against the backdrop of a projected visual program including Hughes' original manuscripts, typescripts, and photographs, as well as the art of Harlem Renaissance artists Archibald Motley and Aaron Douglas.




Philip Bryant - Poet & Narrator


Anitra Coulter Blunt, soprano

Katherine Altobello, mezzo-soprano

Tim O'Brien, baritone

Donnie Ray Albert, baritone

Chien-Lin Lu, piano


Tuesday, October 25th,  8:00 PM -  St. Martin's Lutheran Church   <--UPDATED VENUE

Thursday, October 27th, 8:00 PM - St. Martin's Lutheran Church - 606 W 15th St, Austin, TX


Tickets $15 (discounted tickets available for students and church partner members.)

 Contact us to purchase tickets or purchase tickets at the door